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Nguyen Hoang Huy, Executive Director of Ceratema, is a Doctor in Chemistry. The deep experience of Mr. Huy in solving all the problems related to the technological aspects of ceramic manufacturing, matured during his seven years managing the technological Department of an American Joint Venture Company, makes him a prominent and well-known figure in Vietnam. As well as all the other partners of Ceratema, Mr. Huy has always been keen in taking on the challenges of joining and operating this company.

Ho Sy Anh Mai, partner of Ceratema, is an Engineer graduate with honors at the Polytechnic of Ho Chi Minh City. His knowledge of all aspects of equipment, including the electronic, makes him a pillar of Ceratema. His long experience in managing a Maintenance Department and lately, numerous technical interventions to various customers, has made Mr.Mai also very famous in the ceramic industry of Vietnam. Mr. Mai is an exception for a country where the latest industrial explosion did not match a comparable increase in technical knowledge.

Elio Russo, partner of Ceratema, after graduating in Engineering at Milan University, has dedicated 30 years of his life to ceramics and building materials. He started from the bottom of the ladder in Welko, reaching positions such as: Project manager, and Worldwide Technical Assistance Manager. After 15 years he moved to South Korea as Production Manager for 2 years, and on to USA becoming Vice President of KPT Inc. for 5 years. In 1994 Goldman & Sachs asked Mr. Russo to study and implement the first Foreign Invested Ceramic Manufacturing plant in Vietnam. After just 2 years, that Company became the N.1 seller in the country, and until now holds the most recognized high quality brand name. Soon after the implementation of the first ceramic factory, he became CEO of IBS, and his responsibilities included the management of Indochina Stone Vietnam (ISV) part of IBS, a very well known company in the granite and marble industry. During his tenure ISV was able to complete six prestigious cladding projects in Ho Chi Minh City, which are still looked on as examples of quality workmanship.