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·Colour stains for glazes
·Colour stains for rotative printing
·Decorating colours - great fineness and maximum rentability!
·Decorating colours - lead fee, heighly a
·Glaze decoration for Earthenware & Stone
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CCT – a progressive development

Colour stains for glazes
Colour stains for rotative printing
Decorating colours - great fineness and maximum rentability
Decorating colours - lead fee, heighly intense and ultra-fine
Glaze decoration for Earthenware & Stoneware


Founded in 1974, CCT, counting on its approximately 90-strong staff,has turned a reliable and innovate supplier of the Ceramic Industry in Portugal, the United Kingdom, Central and South America, Spain, Italy and other Mediterranean countries. We attend to the necessities of different ceramic markets all over the world in close cooperation with Reimbold Strick. CCT is situated in the Tortosa Industrial Estate “Bajo Ebro”, which offers optimum conditions for local industry. Our plant covers a surface area of 45,000 m2. Large and small companies, artisans as well as big industries are supplied with our Pigments and Decorating Colours, Glazes, Frits and Raw Materials.Whether it be for wall of floor tiles, porcelain or sanitary ware, split tiles or roof tiling.

CCT is the place to go for high-class glazes, exclusive colours, decorative and special effects together with an excellent technical assistance.

Everything under control – you can count on that!

Small quantities of Colour Stains for trial? Large amounts for chain-line production? Decorative specialities just before a fair or exhibition? Colourful lead-free decoratives? Large quantities of glazes in a short space of time? Everything with a constant level of high quality and produced with the highest technology? Naturally, these are our strong points.It makes no difference how much you need or how quickly you require the product – CCT will always be reliable and flexible partner eager to comply with your wishes and is permanently ready to satisfy the customer.

Colours, Decoratives, Design and Trends – we have been here for over two decades

Being an efficient supplier, CCT observes the market day-by-day, searching for new ideas investigating and creating new designs, decoratives, glazes or variations exclusively for you, accompanying the whole concept every step of the way until it goes into series production.


New products, New ideas, Environmentally sound.

Creativity, ecology, economy – right from the initial product idea to quality assurance as well as excellent material management protection equipment possible in order to avoid waste.

Please visit website at www.cct.es .