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·Colour stains for glazes
·Colour stains for rotative printing
·Decorating colours - great fineness and maximum rentability!
·Decorating colours - lead fee, heighly a
·Glaze decoration for Earthenware & Stone
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LEMA- art technology

Lema was founded in 1949 in Erba in a small twenty square-meter room. Today, with its operating center in Albavilla, the company has a production complex which covers and area of more than three thousand squaremeters. Over the years, technology has provided the most advanced machinery solutions. However, still today, each single piece of Lema equipment is built and tested with the care and experience of the artisan craftmanship.Technology and artisan know-how are two factors which over the years have become synonymous with the quality and guaranteed reliability of Lema products.After more than fifty years of experience in the production of moulds and presses, the Lema trademark has become a recognized name around the world.
Lema’s success is the result of three generations of effort which, over the years, have provided guaranteed continuity and reliability. Lugi Ponzoni, the founder, defined the company strategies which are still today the guiding principles of the films.

Please visit website at www.lema.it