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·Colour stains for glazes
·Colour stains for rotative printing
·Decorating colours - great fineness and maximum rentability!
·Decorating colours - lead fee, heighly a
·Glaze decoration for Earthenware & Stone
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· Premier
· KERAjet


Premier is specialized in manufacturing diamond products for honing porceclain ceramic and natural stones. PREMIER has indeed combined the most updated technical knowledge with an equal and very precise mastery, in order to provide its customers with the best performances and products which are able to guarantee high reliability and optimal efficiency. The very high quality of our working systems allows us to assert undoubtedly the huge operations capability of our products, which are also characterized by an exceptional versatility and long lifetime. PREMIER offers a wide range of products and solutions which are able to meet any requirement and needs, keeping therefore, with its customers, unchanged and constant relation based on confidence and cooperation.
Please visit website at www.premierdiam.com