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1) CERATEMA is appointed by COLORES CERAMICOS DE TORTOSA S.A. (CCT), Spain as their distributor in the South of Vietnam. CCT is well known in Spain and around the world for the quality of their color stains, both for ceramic and granite industry. The consistence and stability of their products is well recognized in Vietnam by many customers both in the North and the South.

2) CERATEMA also represents LEMA S.r.l., one of the most serious and reliable producers of punches, dies, and presses for punches regeneration. LEMA has more than 50 years of experiences in this sector and is capable of solving any problem related to punches as well as being a source for new ideas and designs.

3) CERAREMA also represents PREMIER S.r.l., a leading manufacturer of diamond tools for ceramics.

4) Ceratema Co.,Ltd is trading representative and an agent of & WELKO S.r.l Italy . We are specializing in supplying the machinery and technology for manufacturing ceramic tiles, granite tiles, ceramic art ware, ceramic stoneware, sanitary ware. We suplly also all spare parts for Presses, Dryer, furnaces, roller kilns.... credibility in the market.

5) We supply the digital printer with the brand name KERAJet in Southeast Asian market. We supply all kinds of digital printer with many size and high resolution.